What would you do if you were in my shoes ! I'm afraid i dont know what i have to do, do i must be silence for what he did ! Or i should talk and lets all my family know about what
 My sister's husband trying to do ??

 I am a girl of 18 years old.  I belong to a respectable  family and I am the spoiled daughter because I am the small girl in a family of two girls and a boy.  But when my brother traveled to Europe to complete his studies and married my older sister, I stayed alone with my mom and dad, and we started to feel bored at home.  But he soon began to fade after we know that my sister was waiting for her first baby and in preparation for the happy occasion my sister and her husband decided to introduce some repairs in their house, and since the smell of dye causes her sensitivity, my father suggested that she stay in our house, along with her husband, pending the preparation of their house, and also my mother  so that she can take care of my sister during  The period of her pregnancy. Indeed, things went well, and there was movement and blessing in the home, and the moments of happiness and affection could have lasted, if it had not broken  by my sister's husband.  One night .. ,