Do i cover up for my brother's crime?  I am a young man, 22 years old,  it been more than two years ago, and I am living a story of oppression and injustice, in which my brother played the villain Role .

The chapters of this tragedy began when one of the girls filed a lawsuit against my eldest brother, accusing him of raping her and forcing her to have sex at gunpoint. 
 Accordingly, he was held for a month, then released after a known lawyer pleaded with him.  So my brother was acquitted of this hideous charge.  Because of the intensity of my anger and my hatred for this girl, who almost destroyed my brother’s future.

 I went to her home and took her blame and insulted her with the lowest insults and attributes.  As for her, she remained silent and was content with crying and counting towards God, and months passed since that incident.

 One day, I heard my mother shout in the face of my brother