Does fire meet the snow

one day in USA , she was a girls  of 21 years of age, beautiful and social.  And she is  a dynamic character, and she has a huge number of friends"boys and girls".  Several months ago, she had a sweeping love affair with the person.

 she felt that he was the man of her life with . But  what did not happen until they engaged , she begins to ask every day. Does fire meet the snow , but,  what  bother her is, the arrogant will, the high pronouncements and his broken hints?  he dont like her work and her friends, and above that is jealous of those who approach her.  she do not know if his love for her can change the way he deals with her in the short term. Does the marriage have a magic wand that fixes the husband's character and change his behavior to better  with his wife.
 Finally, what should she does to get  appreciate and respect , knowing that he loves and deprives her family, and also her family's considered  him as one of family members.