Minor daughter demand help from her brother :

Minor daughter demand help from her brother :

It look The silence of the eldest daughter tempted him to repeat the same crime with his younger daughter, who resorted to her brother, and told the details of what happened, he filed a  investigation against his father, and the police arrested him.
The son is 27 years old. He said that his father sexually assaulted his older sister " Hind  " for 15 years, and tried to rape his younger sister "Jamila ", aged 15 years, and resorted to his help.

"Hind," the 30-year-old daughter, reported in the investigation that her father had raped her for 15 years and  he  killed the children she gave birth to as a coercive thug by burying them in graves alive.

The youngest daughter "Jamila  "confirmed in the investigations before the Public Prosecution that her father tried to rape her, and sexual intercourse, like her elder sister.
She resisted until she surrendered :

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